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Thanks again! Here's your "Renegade Health" KickStart Package!

Gift #1: Dr. Mark Hyman's interview with me from "The Healthiest Year of Your Life"

This is a rare 60 minute interview with one of the top alternative MDs in the world. Dr. Hyman is a leader in functional medicine and he gives some great info on detox, cleansing and more.

Click here to download Dr. Hyman's call now!

Gift #2: Maximum Energy and Memory for Busy People!

This is a classic recording I did with two clients a while back. I let them grill me as I revealed a ton of great superfood information on how to get more energy and boost your memory. I still sell this on my site, but I wanted to get it to you so you could start using some of these cool foods and secrets right away!

Click here to download the Maximum Energy and Memory Audio now!

Gift #3: 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism and Reach Optimal Health

This is a candid view of a teleconference I did recently for Ryan Lee's FitComExpo. I recorded my talk while I was talking on the phone, so you not only get the great information that I gave the listeners, you can also see me prep-ing for the show and getting excited once things get rolling...

Watch this one here:

Gift #4: How to Get and Stay Motivated with Donna Krech

Donna tells it like it is. That's why I love interviewing her. Here's a great 60 minute interview that will get you moving no matter what kind of slump you're in. (Save this for a rainy day, you'll need it!)

Click here to download Donna's interview now!

Thanks, Kev! Now take me to the show...

If you liked the info above, you might also be interested in my favorite program to date...

raw food experts from the raw summit"Learn Nutrition and Lifestyle Secrets
from the Raw Food Experts!"

The Raw Summit is a program that I orchestrated with Mark Perlmutter @ Raw for 30 Days.  I interviewed many of the top raw food experts and got their first hand experience (over 14 hours!) on weight loss, transitioning, nutrition, lifestyle and everything else raw.

This, as referred to by many, is the definitive raw compilation out there.

Click here to discover the secrets of the vegan and raw food diet and how you can stick to the plan with the Raw Summit Archives.

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